Bella speaks on 'the Naughty Rude Show'
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January 5th 2010 Bella joined Triple R- to discuss cyber dating and
“crowd-sourcing for pleasure”.

November 12th 2009 105.7 ABC Darwin. Bella joined Evenings with Melanie Tait to discuss why women change—or don’t change—their names upon marriage.

On Saturday 25th of August 2007, Dr. Bella joins the Sexual Health Society of Queensland's Annual General Meeting. The topic of the meeting is 'Adolescent health in the modern young world'. Bella will give a talk entitled, 'Young people and technology.' (Brisbane, University of Queensland).

Spice it up? On Tuesday 21st of August 2007, Dr. Bella will be at ERNST & YOUNG (Melbourne) to discuss how to add a little spice to work and play, the importance of relationships and, how love and business share more than a few things in common.

(2007) Dr. Bella is interviewed on ABC Queensland Radio about the art of giving compliments.

(2007) Dr. Bella makes a guest appearance on the Naughty Rude Show, Syn FM. She discusses sex, love and answers listeners' questions .

On February 6th, 2007, Dr Bella joins John Lenaric’s panel to discuss
Geek Chic:” love in the cyber world (City library, Melbourne).

On December 20th, 2006, Dr Bella joins University at the Pub
(RMIT University) Link

(2006) All we need is love—and a mobile phone: texting in the Philippines. Paper presented at Cultural Space and Public Space in Asia, Seoul, Korea.

(2004) (Part II) Folk Catholicism in the cyber Philippines: The Lord is my Textmate. Paper presented at the Australian Anthropological Society Annual Conference: Moving Anthropology: Motion, Emotion and Knowledge, Melbourne, Australia.

(2004) Folk Catholicism in the cyber Philippines: The Lord is my textmate. Paper presented at the The Global and the Local in Mobile Communications, Budapest, Hungary.

(2003) Teens, texting and love in the Philippines. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Portland, Oregon.

(2003) Virtual strangers: Young love and texting in the Filipino archipelago of cyberspace. Paper presented at the Mobile Communications: Social and Political Effects, Budapest, Hungary.


Australian Ambassador

Dr Bella acts as an ambassador of Sextxt, a service which
provides sexual health information to Australian youth.


To have Dr. Bella speak at your organization, conference, television or radio program,
or for more information, please send your request to publicity@drbella.com.au

Topics Bella is comfortable addressing include love, gender and sexuality cross-culturally,
dating, sexual desire and health, sensual living, and mobile phone/internet relationships.
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