TEDx talk - 'Why sex as we know it doesn't matter' (December 2014)


Bluebeard (film)

Bluebeard (B&W, Super-8, 10 min.)
dir: Owen/Perlmutter
Starring: Bella Ellwood, Seth W. Owen, Jon Diamond, Eric Digras
Music by: Jessica Moss
One of Automatic Vaudeville's earliest productions, Bluebeard tells the tale of a dark count who seduces and weds a young maiden only to keep her trapped in a house with many secrets, not the least of which is what happened to Bluebeard's many previous wives. Evoking the style of early German expressionism, Bluebeard is an eerie and terrifying trip into the unknown, lensed on glorious super-8. The elaborate sets by Ryan Adams and Stephen Meinecke are of particular note.



National Geographic (documentary)

Join anthropologist Bella Ellwood-Clayton as she treks through mud and sleeps with pigs to discover traditional tattooing practices in the jungle (Sumatra, Indonesia.) All in a day's work!


Sex Drive: In Pursuit of Female Desire, The Circle

New book "Sex Drive: In Pursuit of Female Desire". Bella Ellwood-Clayton is interviewed on The Circle, Channel Ten, 13 Mar 12.


Today Tonight October 2006 - Sex text story

Dr Bella, ambassador of Sextxt, a service which provides sexual health information to Australian youth, is interviewed on Today Tonight.


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Dr Bella also appeared on: Today Tonight (July, 2007) 'Arranged marriages;' A Current Affair (October, 2008) 'Is there a formula for love;' Sunrise (November 12th, 2010) 'When you don't like your friend's partner;' The Project (October 28th, 2012) 'Female sex drugs.' Footage upon request.

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