Dr Bella regularly contributes to magazines, radio and gives public talks.

Interview on ABC Radio National Life Matters program

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Conversation Hour: Jane Caro, Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton and Prof Stephen Kline

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The Huffington Post: 'Pill thrill: the future of female sex drugs,' January 24th, 2014 Link

Sunday Life: 'Raising Sexuality healthy kids,' - in press

The Hoolpa (online women's magazine): 'Private school sex scandal' - expert opinion, Dec 16th Link

Herald Sun: 'Dangers of online dating' - expert opinion, Nov 15th

Sunrise (TV): 'Does income reflect sex drive?' - expert opinion, Aug 17th

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Byron Bay Writers' Festival – speaker, August 3-5, 2012.

The Herald Sun : 'Neediness in relationships,' –expert opinion, Friday August 3rd, 2012.

Sydney Herald Sun : 'The role of sex in relationships' – expert opinion, 2012.

Sunday life: ' Why men need sex' – feature article, August 19th, 2012.

ABC, The Karinthy Connection (radio): Sex drive: in pursuit of female desire' – interview and Bella's top six songs, July 31st, 2012. Link

ABC, NSW afternoon (radio): 'Do we need romance? The rise of erotic literature' – expert opinion, July 31st 2012.

ABC National, The Conversation Hour, (radio): 'Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton, Indigo Bloome and Frank Bongiorno' – interview, July 18th, 2012. Link

The Hoopla: 'Pink Viagra: sex drugs for women' – feature article, 2012. Link http://thehoopla.com.au/hunt-pink-viagra/

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Women's Health: ' Should you follow your head or your heart?' – expert opinion, June 2012.

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City Library, Melbourne : 'Bella Ellwood-Clayton with Kate Holden' – book event, May 24th, 2012.

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Readings, Carlton, Melbourne : 'Bella Ellwood-Clayton with Monica Dux' – book launch, April 19th, 2012.

ABC National, The Conversation Hour, (radio): 'Professor Stephen Kline, Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton and Jane Caro' – interview, March 10th, 2012.

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Womens Health: ‘What's better for your sex life: diet or exercise?’ - expert opinion, March, 2012.

Hack, Triple J, (radio) ‘Dr Bella discusses women's sex drive’ - guest speaker, February 17th, 2012.

‘The Summer Drive’ with Jason and Flack, Southern Cross Austereo (radio) ‘Best Valentine’s Day gifts’ - expert opinion, Feb 14th, 2012.

Sydney Morning Herald online, Life and Style: ‘ Relationship overhaul: when to call it quits,’ - expert opinion, February 2012.

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Dizingof: fashion show, unveiling of the winter range - featured guest to be dressed by the designer and photographed, March 31st, 2011

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The Herald Sun: ‘Advice for couples in long-distance relationships’ - expert opinion (in press)

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FHM: 'Who has the sexiest arms in the AFL?' - Expert opinion, Fall 2009.

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy: 'How can I explain to my partner that my lack
of sex drive has nothing to do with him?' - Expert opinion, Fall 2009.

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- Expert opinion, February 2009.

Women's Health: 'The Art of Kissing' - Expert opinion, February 2009.

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- Expert opinion, February 2009.

Women's Health:
'Outdoor Sex' - Expert opinion, December 2008.

105.7 ABC Darwin, Evenings with Melanie Tait, (radio): ‘Why women change their names upon marriage‘ - guest speaker, November 12th, 2009.

Groomsonline.com: ‘About to Propose? Tips for Overcoming Anxiety’
- Expert opinion, October 2008.

Yahoo! Canada: ‘Texting for Teens’ - Expert opinion, September 2008.

Cosmopolitan: 'The 25 Websites Successful Women Click Everyday’
- Featured, September 2008
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Entertaining Research: 'Who is Dr. Bella?' - Review, September 2008. Link

Sexual Health Society of Queensland‘s Annual General Meeting, Brisbane, University of Queensland: ‘Young people and technology‘ - guest speaker, August 25th, 2007.

ERNST & YOUNG (Melbourne) ‘Spice it up? Love and business share a few things in common’ - guest speaker, August 21st, 2007.

'Dirty Talk' - Expert opinion, August 2008.

ABC Queensland (radio): ‘the art of giving compliments’ - guest speaker, July, 2007.

The Age: 'Bonk,' by Mary Roach - Book review, May 2008.

FHM: 'Sexual experience of your wife-to-be' - Expert opinion, May 2008.

The Naughty Rude Show, Syn FM (radio). ‘Sex, love and listeners’ questions’ - guest speaker, April 2007.

FHM: 'Sex Toys' - Article, March 2007

John Lenaric's panel (city library, Melbourne), 'Geek Chic: Love in the cyber world' - guest speaker, February 6th, 2007.

RMIT University: 'University at the Pub' - guest speaker, December 20th, 2006.

Cultural Space and Public Space in Asia, (Seoul, Korea): 'All we need is love and a mobile phone: texting in the Philippines' - academic paper, 2006.

In 2006 Dr Bella accepted the role ambassador of Sextxt, a service that provides sexual health information to Australian youth.

Australian Anthropological Society Annual Conference: Moving Anthropology: Motion, Emotion and Knowledge (Melbourne, Australia): (Part II) 'Folk Catholicism in the cyber Philippines: The Lord is my Textmate,' - academic paper, 2004.

The Global and the Local in Mobile Communications (Budapest, Hungary): (Part I) 'Folk Catholicism in the cyber Philippines: The Lord is my textmate' - academic paper, 2004.

Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology (Portland, Oregon): 'Teens, texting and love in the Philippines' - academic paper, 2003.

Mobile Communications: Social and Political Effects (Budapest, Hungary): 'Virtual strangers: Young love and texting in the Filipino archipelago of cyberspace' - academic paper, 2003.


Dr Bella on ABC's The Guest Room with Kate O'Toole

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Listen to Bella's Love Advice (Bella speaks on 'the Naughty Rude Show')

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Dr. Bella Ellwood-Clayton was the resident sex and relationship columnist for Sunday Life magazine, which appears in the Melbourne Age and Sydney Sun-Herald and the newspaper mX, printed in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. She also answered readers' letters, advising them about relationships, sexual health and sexual desire. Selected columns are below.

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